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Advantages of a Properly Working Car Suspension

The professional team at Hogan’s Auto knows that a well functioning car suspension is the foundation for a smooth, controlled, and safe ride every single day. Without solid-working shocks and struts, you and your passengers would experience an extremely uncomfortable ride, and your vehicle could become easily damaged due to the high impact of rough road conditions.

Our certified auto mechanics can repair and replace any vehicle’s suspension to provide you with a peaceful and tranquil drive. Signs of a worn car suspension include swaying when turning, reduced control of the vehicle, and an unstable and shaky frame. A much-needed shock or strut replacement can immediately reduce these negative effects, as they:

  • Increase steering control
  • Minimize impact of road conditions
  • Firmly support the car’s framework
  • Stabilize the vehicle while driving

What Individual Parts Make up a Vehicle’s Suspension?

The suspension of your vehicle includes more than the shocks and struts. It is a complex system that supports and stabilizes your car, truck, van, or SUV when out on the road. Our expert team thoroughly reviews and checks the following areas for any damage or signs of weakness:

  • Chassis
  • Springs
  • Shocks
  • Struts
  • Anti-sway bar

Why are Shocks & Struts Important?

Although shocks and struts work similarly, each part has its own distinct function that keeps your vehicle running effortlessly, even on the bumpiest of roads. Shocks reduce the effect of traveling and provide superior control, even in the roughest of conditions. Struts work effectively by absorbing the energy produced by traveling. They also provide maximum structural support for the overall suspension. After strut replacement, shock replacement, or both, our customers can once again enjoy the security and stability of a well-built suspension.

Car Suspension Repairs Highland Park NJ

Hogan’s Auto is a full-service auto shop that gladly welcomes both foreign and domestic vehicles. Our qualified technicians can also perform AC repairs and general maintenance and tune-ups. Free loaner cars are available while your vehicle is being serviced. For car suspension repairs in the Highland Park or Metuchen areas, request an appointment today by calling (732) 662-7100.

Suspension Service Warranty Highland Park NJ

Nationwide Parts & Labor Warranty on most service and repair work.
*Some exclusions may apply.