Live your life to the fullest even if your car stops running. Hogan’s Automotive has the solution. If your car will be in our shop for half a day or more, you qualify for one of our free (that’s right, FREE) loaner cars. Just ask us for one. Call (732) 662-7100 for repair service and loaner vehicles in Highland Park, NJ.

Convenient Loaner Vehicles

Loaner Cars Highland Park NJ

When you request a loaner vehicle, we will choose one based on what we have available and how long your vehicle will be in the shop. Sorry, we don’t offer loaners for oil changes or “quick fix” repairs. Loaner vehicles are available on request only, and you can drive one of our loaner cars for up to 100 miles per day.

To qualify for a free loaner vehicle, you must be at least 22 years old, have active personal car insurance, and have a current New Jersey driver’s license.

How To Avoid Fees

While we do offer loaner cars at no charge, it is possible to incur additional costs while using one. Here are our tips for avoiding extra fees connected with your loaner vehicle.

  • Fill up the gas tank before you return the vehicle. Otherwise, we will apply charges to fill up the tank.
  • Return the loaner promptly. Once we notify you that the repair or service is complete on your vehicle, bring the loaner vehicle back within 24 hours. If the courtesy loaner car is not brought back within 24 hours, a daily usage fee of $95 per day will be charged to the credit card on file.
  • Bring the vehicle back to us clean. If the vehicle is dirty inside when it’s returned, if pets have been in the vehicle, or if it’s been smoked in, there will be a $150 detail fee.
  • Pay tolls. If you know that you will be commuting on toll roads, take your E-ZPass with you. Any tolls, traffic or parking violations, etc., that are incurred while using the loaner will be charged to you.

Why Choose Hogan’s Automotive?

Hogan’s Automotive’s FREE loaner cars make sure that you won’t be stranded when your vehicle is out of commission. We are proud to serve Highland Park, Woodbridge, Metuchen, and surrounding areas. For details or to schedule a service appointment, contact our friendly staff at (732) 662-7100.