When you begin to experience consistently low tire pressure, less control over steering, or reduced grip on the road, it may be time to see the professionals at Hogan’s Automotive tire shop. Call our friendly staff at (732) 662-7100 to request an appointment today.

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A dependable vehicle begins with dependable tires. As the neighborhood tire shop in Highland Park, NJ, we gladly replace tires on all models of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs.

Getting you and your vehicle in and out the door as quickly and efficiently as possible is our top priority. For our customers’ convenience, our supply room is stocked with a large inventory of tires. Choose from a variety of options that best fit your vehicle’s unique needs such as all-season, all-terrain, and snow or winter tires.

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What Tire Repairs Do We Provide?

Whenever possible and safe, our certified auto technicians aim to repair the defective tire. Properly repairing damaged tires will keep your vehicle running smoothly and also prevent further damage to the tire in question. Our professional services include the following:

  • Inflate tires according to manufacturer’s specific recommendations
  • Find and repair any size leak
  • Fix flat or punctured tires
  • Rotate and balance every 5,000 miles

Once repairs are completed, you will have a safe and reliable vehicle, preventing unnecessary accidents while traveling.

A Standard of Excellence in Tire Replacement

As a family-owned company, our top priority is keeping your family safe on the road. After inspecting the damaged tire, if we find it is beyond repair, we are more than capable of quickly and carefully replacing the tire.

Our expert team only replaces old, damaged tires with new, high-quality tires, as they provide the maximum safety available. The following preferred tire brands are stocked in our inventory:


At Hogan’s Automotive, our number one priority is the well-being of our customers while driving on the road. We gladly provide tire replacement and repair services to the areas of Metuchen and Highland Park. Don’t delay; request an appointment by calling (732) 662-7100. Along with our top-notch tire services, we can also service your vehicle’s suspension, air conditioning system, exhaust system, and more.

Tire Service Warranty Highland Park NJ

Nationwide Parts & Labor Warranty on most service and repair work.
*Some exclusions may apply.