Spring is finally here in New Jersey, and summer is just around the corner. Just like many Americans, you may be planning a few spring and summer road trips to take advantage of the time off of school with your kids. However, before you hit the road, we recommend a maintenance and tune-up appointment with your friends at Hogan’s Automotive. Read on to learn about a few things we look for during your tune-up.

3 Spring Car Maintenance and Tune-Ups

1. Fluid and Oil Checks

Although oil changes should typically be conducted every 3,000 miles, not all car owners follow this advice. Regular oil changes are essential in order to keep your engine properly lubricated and to reduce the amount of friction it produces. Oil changes also get rid of dirt and debris, which can help your engine run better. You can lower the chance of having car problems on the road by changing your oil before you leave. To be extra cautious, we also check the fluid levels in your transmission, brakes, and windshield wipers.

2. Tires and Brakes

Although wear and tear is a normal part of life, some things become more dangerous as they age. For instance, tires can be quite harmful for drivers if they are not functioning properly. Tires that are old, out of alignment, or incorrectly inflated can cause inconvenient flats or even accidents. Before your road trip, it’s a good idea to have the pressure in your tires checked by a professional. We will also check out your brakes and brake pads while you’re here because, occasionally, brake problems can be overlooked until they become bigger problems.

3. Accessory Belts

The power steering pump, water pump, alternator, and air conditioning compressor are all powered by accessory belts. In modern vehicles, one or two serpentine belts—named because of the way they wind around numerous pulleys—perform all of these functions. Belts are usually made of a rubber material with metal or other nylon fibers to give them strength. The rubber will split as the belt ages because it becomes brittle. The belt should be replaced as soon as it starts to crack because failure could happen at any time.

Invest in the health of your vehicle this spring by planning routine maintenance for the most important area under the hood – the engine. Hogan’s Auto also offers top-notch services and repairs on brakes, suspension, exhaust systems, and more. Contact us today at (732) 662-7100. We are pleased to offer our comprehensive line of services to drivers in Highland Park, Woodbridge, Metuchen, and all neighboring areas.