It’s been a great summer here at Hogan’s Automotive, and though the kids are headed back to school, there are still plenty of hot summer days to look forward to before fall. We love the idea of planning a late summer road trip to get some family time in before the cooler weather sets in. However, before you hit the road, keep in mind that these hot days are particularly hard on your car, and it’s a good idea to follow this checklist and avoid any car trouble on your trip.

Summer Maintenance Checklist

1. Get Your Fluids and Oil Checked

Although oil changes should typically be conducted every 7,500 miles, not all car owners follow this advice. Regular oil changes are essential to maintain your engine, keeping it properly lubricated and reducing the friction it produces. Oil changes also eliminate dirt and debris, which can help your engine run better. You can reduce your likelihood of car problems by changing your oil before you leave. To be extra cautious, you should also frequently check the fluid levels in your transmission, brakes, and windshield wipers.

2. Change Your Windshield Wipers

Before you hit the road, you should also check if your windshield wipers need replacing. Wipers get a lot of wear and tear throughout the winter and need to be replaced to withstand the summer storms and heavy rain in New Jersey. If you’re driving and come across a severe downpour, you’ll need windshield wipers you can rely on.

3. Get Your Tires and Breaks Checked

Although wear and tear is a normal part of life, some things become more dangerous as they age. For instance, tires can be quite dangerous for drivers if they are not functioning properly. Tires that are old, out of alignment, or incorrectly inflated can cause inconvenient flats or even accidents. Before you start driving, check the pressure in your tires or have a nearby repair shop do it for you. While you’re already there, have them check your brakes and brake pads, as those sometimes go ignored until the problem is already there.

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