Are you on the road a lot? Whether you travel for work or play, do you never seem to fully unpack your suitcase? If so, you’ve probably had more than your fair share of rental car experiences – some good and some you’d probably rather not repeat. To make your jet-setting life a bit easier, our team at Hogan’s Automotive has put together a few rental car tips we think every frequent traveler should know.

Car Rental Tips for Frequent Travelers

1. Shop Local

Most people go with the big chain rental car companies, thinking they offer the best deals. However, many local car rental companies offer competitive pricing and special rates on rental cars. Plus, many local places – like Hogan’s Auto – provide superior customer service, making your experience that much smoother.

2. Ask About Special Deals and Discounts

Many car rental companies have special coupons online, or even discounts for military or seniors. When you make a reservation, be sure to ask about current rental specials to see whether you qualify for additional savings. You may also want to ask whether the company has special rates for return customers. Even if they aren’t running any specials, it never hurts to ask!

3. Get the Size You Need

If you’re traveling with a group, you may be tempted to squeeze into a compact rental car to save money. However, if you plan to be in that vehicle for any amount of time, you know things will feel cramped fast. Not to mention, lots of people come with lots of stuff. So, go ahead and upgrade your rental car to an SUV rental. You may spend a bit more, but you’ll be glad you did in the end.

4. Read the Fine Print

Not all rental car companies are alike. Be sure to read through the car rental policies before you sign the agreement. You don’t want to end up paying fees for missing any important details or for not following the rules.

Next time you’re traveling through New Jersey, contact Hogan’s Automotive for the area’s top car rental experience. We have superior customer service and we have a wide selection of rental vehicles, including rental cars, cargo vans, and SUV rentals. To make a reservation, contact us today at (732) 516-9100, or fill out our online reservation request form.