As you drive around Edison, New Jersey, this fall, pay close attention to the way your car is handling. If you notice that your vehicle seems to drift towards the shoulder or you see uneven tread on your tires, it’s time to check the alignment. Wheel alignment affects fuel efficiency, tire wear, tire performance, vehicle handling, and maneuverability. All vehicles have different service requirements, so our team at Hogan’s Automotive will do an alignment check to determine if alignment is necessary, then give you advice about how often you need to have alignments performed.

Wheel Alignment

What Is Wheel Alignment?

Vehicles rely on precision in order to function safely. Tires and wheels can easily become misaligned due to anything from road conditions and driving habits to hitting a big bump or getting into a minor accident. Wheel alignment, also known as a front-end or tire alignment, involves positioning the angle of the tires accurately so they point in the right direction and make contact with the road correctly. Our professional auto technicians use special equipment to complete this elaborate and highly complex process.

Why Is Alignment Important?

When tires and wheels are out of alignment, a number of problems can develop within the vehicle’s various systems. When alignment is really bad, it’s easy to tell as you drive. The vehicle will pull one way or the other. Misalignment may also cause vibration that you’ll feel, especially in the steering wheel. Incorrectly aligned wheels are one of the main causes for uneven and/or premature tire wear. As such, wheel alignment will extend the life of your tires. Simply put: proper alignment leads to safer driving.

How Do I Get a Wheel Alignment?

It’s recommended to get a tire alignment any time you have a new set of tires installed on your vehicle. Check your vehicle owner’s manual for more information about your service schedule, or our service team will happily assist you. If your tires are off-balance and in need of alignment, contact Hogan’s Automotive in Edison, NJ, and request an appointment today at (732) 516-9100.