Car troubles are a nightmare for anyone. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or you know nothing about cars, everyone wants their vehicle to work as it should. So, that is why it is so important to understand at least the basics of your car’s engine so you know what to look for before a small problem becomes a large one. At Hogan’s Automotive, we want everyone to stay safe out on the road, so check out this guide to suspensions so you know what to look for if yours fails.

Understanding Your Car's Suspension

Why Do You Need a Properly Working Car Suspension?

The first step to understanding this part of your vehicle is to learn it’s function and why it’s important. A car’s suspension works to give you a smooth, controlled, and safe ride. Without it, you would not only experience a very uncomfortable ride, but your vehicle would also be damaged due to the high impact of rough road conditions. Basically, your suspension gives you a safe, smooth ride by absorbing shock and keeping the wheels on the ground where they belong. It minimizes the friction and shock of the ground to your car.

What Parts Make Up a Suspension?

You may have heard of shocks and struts in regards to a car’s suspension, and while those parts are important, the whole system is more complex. In addition to shocks and struts, your car’s suspension also relies on chassis, springs, and an anti-sway bar to support and stabilize your car. Each part has its own function to keep your vehicle running smoothly, even on the bumpiest of roads.

What Are the Signs of a Failing Suspension?

If your car exhibits any of these signs, take it to see a professional right away:

  • Continued bouncing after hitting bumps, or a dipping when braking
  • Drifting or pulling to one side when turning corners
  • One side of the car sitting lower than the other side when parked
  • Difficulty steering
  • Unusually bumpy rides

The expert team at Hogan’s thoroughly reviews and repairs all parts of a car’s suspension so you can enjoy the security and stability of a well-built suspension. We are a full-service auto shop in Highland Park, NJ, and we gladly welcome both foreign and domestic vehicles. Contact us today at (732) 662-7100 or request an appointment online.